T3 Liothyronine Sodium 


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T3 Liothyronine Sodium 


T3 does speed fat loss. As a guideline, for most 12.5 mcg/day is a conservative “supplement” sort of dosing that seems to have no detectable adverse effect on thyroid function at all. 25 mcg/day is a “supplement” sort of dosing that does have some inhibitory effect. 50 mcg/day is a reasonably conservative bb’ing sort of dose that, of course, is more inhibitory. 75 mcg/day is getting into more of a problem area; 100 mcg/day in many cases leads to loss of muscle size and strength.

These doses are in reference to legit T3 provided in tablets such as T3 Unipharm. Liquid formulations are usually unstable and as a result, the above numbers in many cases won’t match up to experiences with liquid products, or for that matter, experience with a liquid product at one time may not match up with experience at a different time, due to the stability problem.

Individuals do vary in this but 100 mcg/day is very often quite weakening and muscle-catabolic. So far as wanting more rapid fat loss than what is achieved with 50 mcg/day, personally I’d look elsewhere than adding more T3.

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